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Massage Therapy and Neuromuscular Therapy

There are many different modalities of massage. Within each modality, a Massage Therapist will have his/her own style. The modalities, styles, and personalities allow for a wide range of Massage experiences.

Training and certification courses are available for each modality. When choosing a massage therapist, you may wish to ask about training, experience, and certifications.

Within my practice, I use of combination of several types of bodywork for which I have received training, including the following modalites:

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) Knots ("Trigger Points") form in muscles as a result of injury or overuse. These trigger points can cause pain in the immediate area and also refer pain to other muscles. NMT works directly on the trigger point using strokes and static pressure to relieve the pain and restore structural balance.
Cranio-Sacral Therapy (NMT) Cranio-Sacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on method of bodywork using light-touch to release restrictions in the body in order to relieve pains and stress and restore health.
Pregnancy Massage
(or prenatal massage)

This is an adaptation of Swedish massage for the special needs of the mother-to-be throughout the childbirth experience to minimize discomfort and strain.

If you are pregnant, ALWAYS inform your massage therapist before any work is done, and ask if they are experienced/certified in Pregnancy Massage.


Foot Reflexology is a system which works specific points on the feet that affect the entire body and brings deep relaxation. Through this work, organs, muscles, joints, the neurological system, the respiratory system and the immune system can be balanced, bringing the body back to wellness. Full sessions generally last 50-60 minutes, however, specific systems can be worked separately or as part of other bodywork. Reflexology is performed directly on the skin using scented oils while the client is in a reclined position.

Reflexology can also be performed on hands and ears.

Chair Massage
(on-site massage)
A brief, seated, bodywork session, usually lasting 10-20 minutes that focuses on the high tension areas of the neck, back, shoulders, arms & hands. The work is performed on an ergonomically designed portable massage chair with the client fully clothed. Chair massage is especially effective at producing therapeutic results in a brief period of time by concentrating the massage on the areas of greatest tension.