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Please check the Specials page for any promotional rates.

Please allow an extra 15 minutes per appointment for questions before and after each session. Time of the session begins when the massage begins. For example, one hour massage is 60 minutes of therapeutic bodywork plus time for questions and comments.

Type of Massage Session Length Rate

Neuromuscular Therapy,
CranioSacral Therapy, Prenatal Massage,
TMJ Treatment, or
Foot Reflexology

1/2 Hour
1 Hour $82.00
90 Minutes $115.00
2 Hour $145.00

Massage or Gift Certificate Packages

5 Massages


(Available ONLY to existing clients or by referral)

1st hour = $200.00
Each additional hour of bodywork $100.00

Discounts (20%) for
Fulltime Students,
Seniors (age 65-79), and
Non-Profit employees.

1/2 Hour


1 Hour $66.00
90 Minutes $95.00
Discounted Massage or Gift Certificate Packages
6 Massages $360.00
Discount Seniors Age 85+ 1 Hour $30.00
Cranio-Sacral for Children

0-24 Months
2-11 Years
12-18 Years

$10 per 15 min.
$12 per 15 min.
Student rate of
$66 per hour and $33 per half-hour.

Thoughts on Tipping...
I get many questions about whether a tip is appropriate for my work. Although I appreciate the thought, I do not accept gratuities.

Many Massage Therapists work in spas and other facilities where the therapist does not own the business. As consumers, we have been conditioned to add a tip when we receive a service, and in the spa setting, a tip is customary (usually 15-25%).

My policy is based on how I view myself and my work. I see myself as a trained Healer, and as such, charge for my time and expertise. I also own my own business. I attempt to conduct myself in a professional manner and to be a compassionate healer. With this view of my work, I am uncomfortable receiving tips (you do not tip your doctor, chiropractor, psychotherapist or other healer that is assisting you on the path to wellness). The best tip you can give me is a referral (and perhaps the occasional home-grown tomato)

Please do not assume that other Massage Therapists share my point of view - many depend on their tips. If unsure if a tip is expected, it is always appropriate to ask.

To schedule an appointment
Please book online, call me directly at 770-713-8935, or by e-mail.

Cancellation Policy
Your appointment time has been reserved specifically for you.
A 24 hour notice is expected for cancellations.
If unable to give 24 hour notice, a fee equal to 1/2 of your fee for the scheduled time will be billed for the first missed appointment. Subsequent missed appointments will be billed at full price.

Gift Certificates Available
Gift Certificates make great gifts for holidays, birthdays, shower gifts, or just because...