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  Newsletter (Summer 2011)

Ten years ago, I decided to change my career and move from the corporate world where I had been for 20 years and explore the world of healing and massage therapy. Every day I am grateful for this decision and the wonderful people who have come into my life through my work. Thank you all for sharing a part of your journey with me.

Peace, Gail

Summer Special: 2-Hour Massage for $110 July, 2011

  Come out of the heat and cool down with a massage.
(Did you know that as your body relaxes, your body temperature can lower?)

I offered 2-Hour Massages last year and again on Memorial Day this year at a special rate (regular rate is $130) and had a great response. I find it is a good time-length for me and the clients say they experience a deeper healing and relaxation.

For those of you who have received massage from me in the past, there is evidence that I can actually complete a Full Body Massage in 2-Hours (no promises).

The rules:

  1. Payment is due at the time of service (Cash, Check, or Credit Card)
  2. Cancellation fee of $50 if less than 24-hour notice is given
  3. Massages must be scheduled for an appointment time during July, 2011.

Call today (404-378-4686) to schedule your 2-Hour get-away.


New Online Calendar with online scheduling


I am very excited to announce a new online calendar for scheduling appointments. The calendar shows available appointment times, allowing scheduling directly - anytime day or night. Just follow a few simple steps to schedule your next appointment on your time, without having to wait for office hours:

To Schedule Online, click the Calendar on the right. Click the date you would like an appointment and view the available times (Available times will have a blank box to the right. The times that are already booked will have a check in the box).

Select the time that works with your schedule. The times are in 30-minute increments; so if you would like a one-hour massage, select back-to-back times.


Once you have selected the times, Proceed to Booking and complete your contact information. Upon completion, an email will be sent tentatively confirming your appointment time. This email will be followed by a confirmation email once the office calendar and the online calendar have been synchronized.


On the Online Calendar, the regular rate of $35 per 30-minutes is displayed. You will not be charged at the time of booking, This is for informational purposes only. If you have a discount, this will be applied at the time of your massage.


As always, you may contact the office directly (404-378-4686) or email me ( with you scheduling needs.


The calendar will be further enhanced as needed. Your feedback is appreciated.

Massage Therapy Survey


I am constantly working to improve my business to meet your needs. Please take a moment to complete a short survey (10 questions) that will provide me with general information about your Massage Therapy expectations and experiences. There are no specific questions about my practice or me.


Click here to take survey


  New Technique: Heart Centered Therapy


Two years ago, I completed training for Heart Centered Therapy I & II. I am now ready to incorporate this powerful work in my practice. HCT is quite different from my other modalities and deals specifically with releasing the emotional scars and false belief systems that affect our daily lives.


As is my custom when introducing a new type of work, I will be offering one-hour sessions on a graduating scale. Beginning in August, HCT will be offered at the following rates:

August - $25 per hour

September - $30 per hour

October - $40 per hour

November $50 per hour

December - $60 per hour

January, 2012, Full Price.


"HCT offers deep healing without reliving the trauma as we are held in the safety, love and compassion of the heart. When we are able to stop identifying with who we are not, we are free to discover who we truly are." (Chikly Health Institute)


For more information about Heart Centered Therapy, please visit the Chikly Health Institute website.

Stories and Insights


Frequently in my work and in life, I have those great "ah-ha" moments when I have an experience or witness a shift that makes the puzzle pieces come together and it feels like my mind expands with new concepts. I want to share it with everyone I meet. I have thought about a Blog, but the idea of maintaining yet another online site overwhelms me. So, I have decided to include these stories, insights, thoughts, and ramblings in the Notes section of the Cole Wellness Massage Facebook page. To read about my insights on, see the latest post, "Remember that Bump to your Head?"

  Cole Wellness Massage is now on Facebook


Become a fan of Cole Wellness Massage and get updates, information, and last-minute specials. Invite your friends to this online community.




Office Hour and Rates

Massage Therapy sessions are offered by appointment only. Same day appointments may be available. Generally, I work everyday except Wednesday and Sunday. Evening Hours are available on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. For a complete listing of hours please see the Appointment page on the website.

Regular rates are

30-minute $35
60-minute $70
90-minute $100
2-Hour $130

Discounts available with the purchase of packages and to students, seniors, and non-profit employees. For a complete listing of rates, please see the Rates page.


  To schedule an appointment, call (404) 378-4686 Monday - Friday or schedule online.
After Friday noon, please call Gail Cole directly at (770) 713-8935.

  If the available times do not meet your needs, or if you are experiencing pain and need to be worked into the schedule, please request to be added to the “Wait List” at the office or call Gail Cole directly at (770) 713-8935 for special arrangements.

  Please allow an extra 15 minutes per appointment for questions before and after each session. Time of the session begins when the massage begins. For example, one-hour massage is 60 minutes of therapeutic bodywork plus time for questions and comments.