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Gift Certificates

Be sure to check the Specials page for any current discounts and specials.

Thank you for considering a Gift Certificate from Cole Wellness Massage. You may use Gift Certificates as a present for someone of for yourself.

There are several options available for you to customize your gift.

PLEASE NOTE: Once the payment is confirmed through Paypal, please select "Return to Cole Wellness Massage" to enter information for mailing the Gift Certificate.

Massage Therapy Amount


If you are looking for a Gift in a specific amount rather than for a standard massage, choose from the amounts listed below. If the amount you wish is not listed, please contact us by telephone or email to request a specific amount.


Gift Certificate Amounts


I offer a 20% Discount to Students, Seniors (age 65+), and to Non-Profit Employees. The discount is done on the honor system, so if you are a Student, a Senior, or a Non-Profit Employee, OR if you are purchasing the Gift Certificate for a Student, Senior, or Non-Profit Employee, please us the button selection below.

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