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Counseling and Mental Health Services

Rita Mathis is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has been in the mental health field for over twenty years. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia and completed her Masters of Social Work Degree at Savannah State University.

In her part-time private practice in Downtown Decatur, Rita Mathis serves all populations. Her multi-dimensional approach ensures that each client receives treatment based on their specific needs. Whether she is working in an individual session, couples therapy, or facilitating a group, her deep compassion and sense of calling create a safe space for healing and wholeness. She is passionate about helping people to learn skills that will positively impact their lives and improve their functioning.

In her more than two decades of experience, Rita has been providing individual therapy, couples therapy, substance abuse treatment, anger management groups and working with victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. She is currently employed full-time with a non-profit agency working with youth who are struggling with mental issues as a result of trauma in their lives.

The office billing rate is $85.00 for the initial assessment visit and $85 for each subsequent visit. For those who may choose to self-pay or do not have insurance the following sliding scale is offered:

Gross Household Income of $70,000 and Above
First Visit $85.00
Subsequent Visits $85.00

Gross Household Income of $70,000 - $50,000
First Visit $65.00
Subsequent Visits $65.00

Gross Household Income of $50,000 - $45,000
First Visit $55.00
Subsequent Visits $55.00

Gross Household Income of $45,000 and below
First Visit $45.00
Subsequent Visits $45.00

If you are in need of healing and would like to schedule a consultation and initial assessment, please contact Rita Mathis at (404) 971-5263.