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Classes And Groups


At We Enision Wholeness, we enjoy community and learning. We plan to offer regularly scheduled classes to improve health, expand knowledge, and enhance life.

When possible, our classes will be free of charge and open to the public. We will occasionally host classes which require a registration fee. We hope to eventually offer scholarships for those classes with fees in order to ensure everyone who is interested is able to attend.

We have previously offered classes on Understanding Acupuncture and Beginning Meditation. We are in the planning stages for classes on Understanding Hypnotherapy, Meditation, and Herbs for Healing.

Do you have an idea for a class? We would like to hear from you. We are building a Community and YOU are our community. Please send us an email (info@WeEnvisionWholeness.com).

Please check back often to see our updated offerings or follow Acupuncture For All Decatur on Facebook and Cole Wellness Massage on Facebook.

We will also post the classes in the Decatur Dispatch if you prefer an printed source.

We currently do not have any classes scheduled.

If there is a Group or Class you are intereseted in offering, please view our Vision Statement to see if you share our vision.